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Recently Taylor Swift has released a new music video to her song , SHAKE IT OFF. The song is very catchy but it seems to stereotype every type of person in America, some way some how. I , myself do like Taylor Swift, but I think the country gimmick is gone.  Half of her songs on the last album weren’t even country . You be judge for youRself.

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As always – Jack Saint



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Henry Cavill : FIRST ON SET PIC!

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This is one hell of a day for you guys who are interested in the new movie , BATMAN VS SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE. Below we have the first on set pic of Henry Cavill as the Man Of Steel! Other pics online have been blurry, but this one has definition to it! Tell us what you think in the comments below! Are you ready for an epic showdown on the big screen??




“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has a March 25, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg with Callan Mulvey,Holly Hunter and Tao Okamoto in new character roles for the film. Justice League is to follow directed by Zack Snyder as well.


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See No Evil 2 : Movie Trailer

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Our friends ,the Soska Sisters, have made a horror movie sequel that will tear your eyes out.



Here is the official plot line of the movie :

A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws. 


I was a fan of the first movie, it was creepy and edgy just like you would expect a “Kane” movie to be like. I am patiently awaiting to see how they bring him back to life. He died by flying out the window and getting his neck snapped. Anyways, I will def be watching this horror gem.

                                        As Always- Jack Saint


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New Movie Release Dates

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Jack Attacks : Leprechaun – Origins

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As you know, Hollywood loves to remake classic movies. The original Leprechaun left me in fear of little people.  I really enjoyed the Leprechaun film saga. Though, they did kind of push it when they brought him to the hood, but it was funny to say the least. In case ya missed the 6 film saga, below is all of the movie trailers.

Now all these films were made for the horror fans, an now they want to revamp it a little bit. And I have nothing against remakes, but I just hate when the remakes are horrific. Here is the official plot line for the new movie:
Backpacking through the lush Irish countryside, two unsuspecting young couples discover a town’s chilling secret. Ben (Dunbar), Sophie (Bennet), David (Fletcher) and Jeni (Roxburgh) quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when the town’s residents offer the hikers an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

Below is the trailer for the new movie , Leprechaun : Origins.

You be the judge, I really don’t know if it’s worth seeing. But as a horror fan, I might just watch it :-)

As Always- Jack Saint

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Game News : Ternion

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Here is a little info on Ternion:

Ternion is a shi-fi action/rpg game, takes place in the year 2142, you are a Soldier of !DTA organization. One day, Desert, the capitain of Ternion and leader of !DTA, gets accidentally infected by a virus, created to provide better performance in battle, it was still a prototype and they discovered that causes the destruction of brain cells, and thus leads to madness. His madness causes him to desire the destruction of every lifeful planet of the galaxy, so you, Fushiko and Yuki, start to rebel, going to any length to stop him and save the entire galaxy from a bad fate.- Ternion
Pan II

So this is a new rpg game that is coming out in the next year or so. I guess the main reason I am covering it, is well, I have been hired to voice the main character, Desert.  I auditioned and after a month of waiting I finally got the email that said I have been cast in the lead role.

I will post more on this game as soon as I am allowed to release information.

Motion blur
As Always – Jack Saint

Ternion Game Play

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Devils due

Jack Attacks : Devils Due

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Devils due

Okay so some movies are creepy, and some movies are just scary. What happens when you get creepy and scary? Well , you get Devil Due! Here is the official plot line of Devils Due :

After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy. (89 mins.)


So this movie is beyond creepy. Imagine you’re the new parents of an unborn baby and some things just go terribly wrong. Well this is what happens in Devils Due. This movie is a great ‘found footage’ movie. It has all the aspects of scare tactics and everything that could go wrong in a pregnancy. They are giving birth to the Anti-Christ, surprise, surprise it’s a cult . Creepy and Suspenceful . I give this movie a 5/5 Stars!


As Always- Jack Saint

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Three Questions With Shane Ryan

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Three Questions With is an on-going feature we will be posting from time to time with responses from various people to the same three questions.

Want to be featured? Contact us at

Up next is Shane Ryan.  The lovable, but terrifying actor and brilliant filmmaker is the man behind and in front of the camera in the Amateur Porn Star Killer series, which hits DVD as a box set in September, the director of My Name is A By Anonymous, which also hits DVD in September, and one of the stars of Albert Pyun’s upcoming film The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper.


Shane Ryan / IMDb

What’s your favorite found footage film and why?

SR: I’m sure this is the one that everybody claims or everybody hates claiming because it’s so famous but I gotta go with The Blair Witch Project. It’s the first found footage film I ever saw and the way that I saw it was like a real found footage film, so it had tremendous effect, really changed my way of how I thought about film.

My cousin gives me this blank VHS tape around New Years (6 or so months before the movie hit theatres). I mean it was blank, no labels, no cover, nothing. He just says “watch this” with a grin. Me and my friend and her boyfriend put it on in the middle of the night. None of us had seen or heard of a found footage film. We were completely freaked, and even had to stop it half way through to go out for a drive and some pizza to calm ourselves. Came back, finished it, and we were all left traumatized. I don’t know if the film eventually had end titles or not but this one just went blank after you see the last shot. I didn’t use the internet then, though even if I had and searched online I don’t think there would have been any info on it at that point to verify it was fake.

So, that being my first experience, the way that it happened, how it landed into our hands, etc. It had one of the strongest, most life-changing responses, to how I viewed cinema. When the news came out that it was fake I had a blast taking my friend to see it who didn’t know. It was the kind of ongoing cinematic experience you treasure, and can only hope will happen again.

But now that I’ve seen a fair amount I gotta say Zero Day is probably the absolute best, the most important. I’ve only seen it once, however, along with Gang Tapes which I thought was great.

What scares you the most – ghosts, aliens, demons, witches, trolls, monsters, big foot, gangs, thugs, crazy people, or any other person, place or thing that has been or could make a cool found footage film – and why?

SR: Aliens if done right, because who the hell knows what’s out there in this vast universe, and if its intentions with us would be good or bad. But I think real people are the most terrifying. Serial killers, crazy people, homeless. Good people with horrible thing done to them who have nothing to lose and become bad; that’d be a scary found footage film for me. I meet people like this a lot in real life, and many I can only hope I’d never catch them at the wrong time, when they’re on a high from whatever drug they use to escape. When they’re bi-polar or schizo thoughts kick in. I befriend lots of homeless people, sometimes give them rides, talk to them for hours, and usually I do this with ones I get good vibes from. But sometimes that crazy part of them kicks in and I can only imagine if they had a camera what they might capture that I don’t see in them when they’re amongst us during the day trying to act normal to scrape to get by.

Although sometimes they get crazy in broad daylight. One guy was sitting next to me and Kai Lanette at lunch and started sawing his arm off with glass right there at the restaurant. Was half way through his arm before we noticed because he did it so calmly, we weren’t paying attention even though he was 3 feet from us. They’ve been through a lot, or are already mentally ill, and that side comes out eventually, or regularly. And lots of people get hurt or killed. Or just die naturally right there on the street. One guy I knew died just behind the Circle K I regularly talked to him at just a couple of months ago. He was an alcoholic. Sweet guy, but old and homeless. Just died right there on the street. To know people go out like that, that’s just haunting. If that was a found footage movie, that would scare the shit out of me in a very depressing way.

If a camera was to follow you around on an average day, what might we find out about you?

SR: Funny, I was just thinking how I am always nothing like what people assume I am based on my films. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t gamble, don’t do hookers (I was thinking about this when I was in Vegas as well since I couldn’t find anything to do yet the only traveling I consistently do is go to Vegas). I believe in peace and monogamy but make violent and sexual films. So, it might be depressing and boring. I don’t click with many people. My girlfriend recently dumped me. So, you might find me working on a film (mostly editing or on a computer), crying over how shitty life is, sucking it up and putting on a smile and trying to find positive strength again. Going online to try and get a date and realizing being 5’6 I might as well give up on life because girls “online” only date guys 6 feet or taller, regardless of how tall they are, or how big or small their boobs are (which I could care less about). Me cursing out loud to myself how superficial and disgusting women are these days (but mainly the online women, and I told myself I would never go online to find a date). Then going back to being positive about women and wanting to support women victims of whatever, and making PSA’s with my leftover footage from my trafficking film I never got to make to fight the cause.

See, I’m a little bi-polar myself, so it all makes sense. You’ll see me get frustrated with directing since I really only wanted to act since I was 5 years old. But then everybody will reject me for a part, even all of my own friends, so then I’ll get all pissy and say fuck this shit I’ll just make another movie, and it’s just kinda been a cycle my whole life. Aside from last week when I finally got the lead part in a film thanks to you. Hmm, so I have no idea what kind of found footage my life would be. I have been trying to get out a lot more. Keep smiling (as I will quote what Kevin Gage always says to me, it’s actually great simple effective advice that I’ve been trying to apply).


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What NOT to do as an Up and Coming band….

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Every now and then, bands are formed. An almighty bond is formed with a dream to rock the world. Whether is be as an inde band or a “hardcore band” . I have interviewed several artists from around the world and I have come up with a list of things not to do as an up and coming band. If you are in a band and you notice something in here that your band does, then you need to check yourself or check the band you are in.

1.  Never call your audience the term “FUCKERS”. Regardless of how badass you think your band is, you never disrespect your audience. They are the ones paying to come see you. They are the ones pushing you to your next gig.

2. Never wear your own merchandise while performing. If you are rocking away and all the pictures are of you wearing your own merch, then that is kind of conceited. Show off your fans wearing the merch, that will give a more “realistic” view that you actually have friends.

3. Don’t claim to be the best, the most bad ass, most extreme band in your area. I guarantee you, that there are way more highly skilled people in your area that can prolly rock your face off.

4. While doing social media and advertising, DO NOT SAY you have the best front-man around. Honestly, there are a lot of amazing singers that have yet to be discovered. There are singers that can blow your singer out of the water with just one yelp. Being a singer in a band is the most up lifting high you can get as an entertainer, but when you claim to have the next “Cobain” of singers, you might wanna check yourself.

5. Just because you have long hair and you think you can sing, doesn’t make you a rock singer. In fact, did you know that the King Of Pop was considered a “rock” singer and he was an African American singer.

6. NEVER put down any band that has come before you. Yes you may have a huge gig(in your eyes) that you are about to play, but look who has come before you. Many bands have obviously played where you are playing. YOU ARE NOT the first, nor WILL YOU BE THE LAST.

7. Support your local arts, meaning, if there is a function going on. Play the gig for free, get your name out there and let it be known that you do have a soul.

8. When in public or taking pictures with your “fans” , don’t be cliche’ish. Like, having your hand out in a demonic fashion towards every camera you see. If you have pictures like this, then please, check yourself back to reality. It’s not professional and by far is it not attractive.

9. NEVER post anything on social-media that makes you look like a complete ass. If you post pictures from a concert(gig) that you’ve done, don’t show your immaturity. The whole “Sticking Your Tongue Out” picture has long gone and passed decades ago.

10.  Your songs, your original songs should show some effort of writing. If all your audience can hear is a loud RAAAAAAAWWWWR in them, it’s not really a song. If YEAH is the only thing that is clearly heard in your song, you might want to refer back to some 1st grade english books and quite possibly 5th grade mathematics to learn about certain aspects that deal with musical numbers in relation to math. Yes, that sounds like a bunch of big words, but it makes total sense.  Mathematics are what makes songs, “Songs”. It does take some what of a skill to write a song. May not be the best song, but at least it will be a song.

11. Your band name represents everyone in the band. If you have a band named “HEART ATTACK”, then you better have a look that fits it. Positivity is what makes the world go round. Whether your a cover band or an original band. Make sure you are putting off good vibes. Your name is what defines who you are. Your name is what makes your band , YOUR BAND.

12. Never make the band about one person. You are a band, a group a gathering of friends. It takes more than one person to be in a band and to make the band a BAND. When a person has the “Its MY band and MY band only” attitude, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

This is a list for all bands to take in. If you are offended by this list, then please check yourself in the mirror before replying to this article. I wrote this article out of love and I want to show people that there will always be bands, and there will always be bands that are better than yours, and ya know what? That’s okay. That’s what makes the world spin. There are all types of music out there, don’t discriminate against a certain genre. Is the band your making fun of popular? Are they in magizines?  Are they still selling records? The answer to that is YES!….So move on and rock on!

As Always – Jack Saint

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Play Hooky hits DVD with PollyGrind Presents via Wild Eye Releasing

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Wild Eye Releasing, a sponsor of the PollyGrind Film Festival since 2011, has launched a new distribution label, PollyGrind Presents, in conjunction with Chad Clinton Freeman’s international showcase of films. The first title on the PollyGrind Presents label, Play Hooky, will be released later this year.

Wild Eye CEO Rob Hauschild called PollyGrind “A brilliant, head on collision of art house and grindhouse movies,” and added, “Wild Eye is dedicated to giving independents like Play Hooky a position in the mainstream through traditional distribution and PollyGrind is ground zero for discovering true independent talent.”

Winner of the Most Innovative Film award at PollyGrind in 2012, Freeman says Play Hooky is the perfect film to christen the partnership with Wild Eye. “Play Hooky is the epitome of the pioneering spirit that inspired me to found PollyGrind,”
Freeman said. “It’s a great example of making something out of nothing and I’m really excited to be helping to share this film with the world.”

Five high school friends skip class in hopes of finding the perfect spot to party. They chose the wrong place. Against all warnings, they break into an abandoned mental hospital, notorious for reports of ghost sightings, satanic rituals and demon possessions. Now, armed only with a camera, they are trapped inside, haunted and hunted by something
they cannot stop, reason with, or describe. The camera captures every last breath in the fight for their lives.

Full DVD specs will be announced shortly, but Wild Eye and PollyGrind have jam-packed the DVD with bonus features, including exclusive PollyGrind content such as a commentary and liner notes from Freeman, as well as short films hand-picked from the festival.

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